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Darla K. Snead, P.L., is a Lakeland, Florida law office that handles a variety of legal issues for clients ranging from personal injury and family law to advising start-up businesses. Attorney Darla K. Snead provides legal representation in personal injury, auto accidents, family law and divorce, and criminal defense. Attorney Michael H. Dulin provides services to clients in the areas of personal injury, wills, basic estate planning and start-up business matters.   With a mid-Florida location, Darla K. Snead, P.L. is able to represent clients throughout Florida and in multiple counties in central Florida.

Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Attorneys Darla K. Snead and Michael H. Dulin are experienced in representing clients in personal injury legal matters of all types. Their experience includes representing clients in auto and other vehicle accidents, general personal injuries, and property/premises injuries as well. Both Attorney Snead and Attorney Dulin each have almost two decades of legal experience, that provides clients with strong legal advocacy that is honed with practical wisdom of how the court system works, how issues are addressed, and how local court rules and procedural matters can often affect the outcome of a case long before the final hearing or trial. The attorneys and staff  at Darla K. Snead, P.L. push tirelessly for a full recovery for our clients, well beyond just initial medical costs. This is critical because a serious personal injury can be life-changing to a person’s relationships, career, social life, and ability to move forward in the future. Too often, the parties responsible for the injury hope to end the matter with just the up-front medical expenses covered, thereby short-changing the injured party for all the challenges ahead due to the same injury. Our attorneys work to ensure our client’s interests are addressed in full.

Because our attorneys handle cases in multiple areas of the law, they also have the ability to spot issues that might be missed if an attorney only considers the case from the perspective of one area of the law.  Our attorneys often consult and share multi-legal perspective on cases.  That collaboration gives Ms. Snead and Mr. Dulin an invaluable advantage.  It adds the ability for our attorneys to provide a far more encompassing advocacy for their clients.

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If you or someone you care for needs a legal advocate in personal injury, divorce, wills, basic estate planning, start-up business needs or criminal matters in the greater Lakeland, Florida region, then you should contact Darla K. Snead. P.L.  Their dedication to a client’s rights for protection or for recovery has been proven again and again in real cases that have gone through the Florida legal system. There are plenty of attorneys available through internet listings, but the attorneys at Darla K. Snead, P.L. provide clients representation that is built on years of experience and knowledge gained representing clients in the Florida Legal system.

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